Non stick cookware resources

This is a reference page on materials I want to refer back to later (or consider worth sharing), when I start trying to know more about non-stick cookware and their material.

English Material

Nonstick Cookware Brands: PTFE (Teflon®) or Ceramic? A Comprehensive Guide (Also web archive link, just in case)

This one is a very good material including what are they (PTFE and Ceramic), and what are the wordings to notice in the small print, the buzz word to suspect it’s PTFE as well as some existing brand using which material (especially those fancy material/layers terms different brands used)

(Would keep updating)

Chinese Material

阿淇博士 Dr. Achi Youtube channel

This Youtube channel give scientific explanation of cookware (and also a lot of cooking related information), video on PTFE, video 1, 2 on other non stick materials

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