Getting git tags as parameter from Jenkins pipeline with “Git Parameter” plugin


When I am using Jenkins pipeline, I discover that there is no Source Code Management section like normal project, so seems like there is no GUI way to allow me to define parameter to choice a particular git tag to build from.

“Source Code Management” section in normal project
in Pipeline project, we do not have “Source code Management” section


The solution is to use “Git Parameter” plugin


In pipeline section create a script:

Script contain as follow:

According to the documentation of “Git Parameter”, the first part defined parameter called “git_tag” and would pull all tag from the git repository defined in checkout action in build stage with the “userRemoteConfigs”.

Afterwards, we have 2 build job task to reuse the git_tag parameter by calling “gitParameter(name: ‘git_tag’, value: “${paraams.git_tag}”)”.


As I am not familiar with the Jenkins pipeline staged build, this setup make the pipeline itself occupy a Jenkins worker and the build job would spawn another task occupying another Jenkins worker, and the pipeline occupied worker would be released only when all stage completed.

I hope I would have time to follow up with that.


Hope this quick tips help someone to build pipeline that need to pull a choice list of git tags as parameter to choose from.



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