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  • Johnny


  • Alex Feiszli

    Alex Feiszli

    Alex is CEO of GRAVITL (https://gravitl.com), a technology company building the next evolution in cloud computing.

  • Mr DevOps

    Mr DevOps

    DevOps division manager @ Avaxia Group. Based in Tokyo

  • Arthur Juliani

    Arthur Juliani

    Research Scientist. Interested in Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience, Philosophy, and Literature.

  • Pranav Tondgaonkar

    Pranav Tondgaonkar

    Data Scientist @Recobo.ai

  • 李謦伊


    AI Engineer, Enjoy Deep Learning, Machine Learning~Contact me: chingi.lee071@gmail.com

  • Tommy Huang

    Tommy Huang

    怕老了忘記這些吃飯的知識,開始寫文章記錄機器/深度學習相關內容。黃志勝 Chih-Sheng Huang (Tommy), mail: chih.sheng.huang821@gmail.com

  • Daniel Rothmann

    Daniel Rothmann

    Senior data engineer @ Kanda.

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