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  • Al Williams

    Al Williams

    Engineer. Author. Team Leader. Lots of other things. I blog about hardware hacking for Hackaday (www.hackaday.com), but talk about other topics here.

  • Dave Andrea

    Dave Andrea

    Teacher, Programmer, Writer, Music Composer, Philosophy Enthusiast, and All Around Nerd

  • 葉曉燕 Rachel IP

    葉曉燕 Rachel IP

    視覺藝術家、策展人。葉氏主要以攝影為創作媒介,其作品曾於香港、中國及英國等地展出。2012年成立RAC,將藝術學院課程帶入民間。除教授藝術、攝影外亦有撰寫藝術評論文章,專欄rac visual於《Milk》連載。出版刊物包括《100香港人自攝像》、《春光》。現為大學講師。

  • 壽桃


    起初但願不經油炸,後來無奈糜爛墮落。 世路無窮,勞生有限,似此區區長鮮歡。 Patreon:https://www.patreon.com/longlifepeach MeWe:https://mewe.com/i/longlifepeachy

  • David Farrugia

    David Farrugia

    Data Scientist at Gaming Innovation Group | AI Enthusiast and Researcher.

  • Dont Dumb Dorm

    Dont Dumb Dorm

    一位白日夢想家。立志以「文」作槳、以「畫」作舟,在這茫茫苦海伐出一道「曾活過」的痕跡。 /歡迎Follow我的Twitter:https://twitter.com/DontDorm 看看我如何以「紅白藍」笑罵畜生

  • John Ball

    John Ball

    I'm a cognitive scientist working on NLU (Natural Language Understanding) systems based on RRG (Role and Reference Grammar). A mouthful, I know!

  • Pythos Labs

    Pythos Labs

    Making AI available to everyone. One commit at a time. A.I. M.L| | Quantitative programming | IoT | Python | Arduino | Comp Vision | contact@pythoslabs.com

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