Building the docker-compose.yaml to run or init Rasa bot


version: '3.8'
image: rasa/rasa:3.0.0-full
container_name: rasa
- 5005:5005
user: "$UID:$GID"
#- ./rasa_data:/app
- "${BIND_FOLDER}:/app"
# - "run" # original hard code value as array entry
# - "--enable-api"
# - "${COMMAND}" # tried to mimic the array approach
# - "${COMMAND_ARG}" # but init command not allow this switch, even it's empty string
"${COMMAND}" # this is string, allow command as string like 'run --enable-api' or 'init'

Volume mapping

User mapping


Script to execute the docker-compose

#!/bin/bash# Check if folder path exist
if [ -z "$1" ]; then
echo "ERROR: Missing argument volume"
echo "Usage: $0 <rasa folder> <command> <command arg>"
echo "example 1: $0 ./rasa_data run --enable-api"
echo "example 2: $0 ./rasa_data init"
exit 1
echo "Volume expected to be $1"# Arg after folder
echo "Arguments are $ARGS"
if [ -d "$1" ]; then
if [ "$2" = "run" ]; then
echo "Run 'docker-compose up -d' ..."
eval "env UID=$(id -u) GID=$(id -g) BIND_FOLDER=$1 COMMAND=$ARGS docker-compose up -d"
echo "Running 'docker-compose logs -f' ..."
eval "docker-compose logs -f"
if [ "$2" = "init" ]; then
echo "Run 'docker-compose run' ..."
eval "env UID=$(id -u) GID=$(id -g) BIND_FOLDER=$1 docker-compose run rasa $ARGS"
#echo "Running 'docker-compose logs -f' ..."
#eval "docker-compose logs -f"
echo "ERROR: the folder '$1' does not exist"
exit 1
running the script with “bash ./product_selling_bot init”




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